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Corporate Partner

Corporate Partner

Reasons for a Family to be in partnership with iPartner India

At iPartner India we know how important philanthropy is to your family's legacy. We also know how important it is to find a philanthropic partner to co-ordinate and manage the administration and financial reporting so that you can focus your energy on giving. iPartner India offers a customised philanthropic service tailored specifically to the needs of your family.

While many families have a very clear picture of what drives their giving and what they wish to accomplish, others are less decided and value assistance in formulating their charitable intentions. iPartner helps formulate your family's intentions.

Having established their strategic objectives, the family needs to decide which organisations and causes are best placed to translate their wishes into reality. iPartner helps to focus your giving on specific cause(s) and/or geographic regions.

In addition to determining the optimal structure of giving for the family, a key decision will need to be made on how the funds will be managed.

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iPartner advises on the ideal donation schedule as it may be more effective for funding to be delivered in stages.

The Family Office expects to see a clear record of disbursements made to charities and appropriate feedback on how these have been utilised. iPartner ensures that you receive timely and relevant reporting so that you can evaluate the impact of your grants and consider whether further funding of the initiative is continued.

Our Care Process
Helping families craft and implement their philanthropic plans

iPartner India understands that philanthropy is not just giving money to charity, but also identifying why, where, how and how much? This is why we put emphasis on the creation of a strategy philanthropic plan that is most likely to achieve your philanthropic objectives.
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