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  • Why should I give to India, isn´t it on the way to becoming an economic superpower?
    India is a land of extremes. Whilst parts of India are becoming more developed, the vast majority of the country is still extremely poor and much of its population still lives in abject poverty. There are many compulsive reasons why you should donate. India has lower literacy rates than most sub-Saharan countries. It has the largest number of child labourers in the world. Approximately 47 per cent of its under-five population is underweight and more than 400 million of its people are surviving on $2 or less a day. Female infanticide, child marriage, human trafficking, slavery and a growing HIV epidemic are only some of the problems facing the country. If you are still not convinced that India needs your help, allow us to point you towards our case studies and testimonials from some of our beneficiaries highlighted on this site. These heartfelt stories may just provide the inspiration you need to make that difference.

  • Why should I use iPartner India and not give to the local organisations directly?
    Charitable giving in India is usually done in one of two ways. Firstly through a large established international organisation or secondly by trying to find a local grass roots organisation. Both ways have their drawbacks. With large NGOs a lot of your donation is consumed in administration fees and overheads. But you will never know exactly where your money will end up and you will have little choice over which projects to support. Trying to find small organisations on the ground can be equally problematic. There are hundreds of thousands of grass roots NGOs working in India. Some of them do extremely good work but sadly not all of them meet high standards of effectiveness and efficiency. iPartner does all the hard work for you. We screen and vet a great number of organisations before you donate. We have many years of experience in the Indian charity sector and stringent criteria. In addition to simply donating cash, iPartner can provide more long term help by trying to build an organisation's own capacity for fund-raising, administration and finance to help secure its future.

  • How do you select your partners?
    iPartner has a network of committed individuals across India who are constantly scouting for new innovative approaches to make a difference. Once an organisation has caught our eye, we learn about that organisation from the inside out. We begin a thorough vetting and screening process. We conduct field visits and interview current donors and beneficiaries to discover what inspired them to become involved. We keep our vision of building a better India at the forefront of our mind at all times. It is important to us that what we do makes a real difference. We request all legal documentation as well as audited accounts. During our assessment we try to verify whether the organisation delivers on its promises and whether its work has tangible impact in the community. Only once all our questions have been answered to our satisfaction do we include the organisation in our partner network. We then assess its needs in monetary and non- monetary terms and work towards implementing further projects and expand its good work.

  • How will you make sure my money reaches the beneficiaries?
    After making a donation our team on the ground verifies that the work agreed has been carried out according to pre-specified targets, deadlines and milestones. Money is usually disbursed in instalments. Later disbursements depend on the successful completion of earlier stages. Program expenditure is verified with receipts and we do a full financial audit at the end of each year and each project. That way we know your money is going exactly where it needs to, to make that difference.

  • What if I want to support a cause/project that is not currently within your portfolio?
    iPartner welcomes ideas from donors and is happy to look for projects that meet your specific ideas. We are also happy to guide you in formulating your own vision by contributing our knowledge and experience on the ground. We will work together with you to make sure that your vision matches the need and then find the best organisation to help to turn your ideas into reality.

  • How much do you charge?
    iPartner is a charitable organisation and we are therefore keen to keep costs as low as possible and ensure as much of the cash goes directly to where it is needed most. Most international agencies struggle with this as they have huge overheads in the UK. iPartner uses volunteers wherever possible and many of its expert advisors provide their services free of charge. We operate from shared office space and our team works in creative ways to keep costs to an absolute minimum. We will charge a maximum of 10 per cent of your donation but if you are a UK tax payer and are willing to make us a tax effective donation, we will ensure (following consultation on your tax band) that 100 per cent of your donation reaches the beneficiaries. Consulting projects for foundations will be charged on a case-by-case basis.