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Giving via iPartner India is a personalised and customised process. Each donor is asked to fill out a donor questionnaire. This helps us to assess your preferences and motivations. That is followed by a detailed consultation with one of our members of staff either via phone or in person. iPartner will then use its findings from this discussion to create a personal and customised donation portfolio, which will highlight the various causes and regions you would specifically like to address. Using this portfolio you can then decide on exactly the partners you would like to support. Partner organisations on our database have undergone a very rigorous vetting process covering governance, accountability, credibility and financial stability of the organisation. We would be happy to share our criteria and this process with our donors. If the donor selects an organisation not yet on our database, we would conduct a thorough study of the organisation once the donor has made the choice and before the donation is sent out to that partner organisation. 

After that, iPartner makes the donation to the selected partners. But the process does not end there. iPartner will make sure the money reaches the organisation as well as the intended recipients. As a donor you will receive your personalised login to our website where you can personally track the status of the projects you have supported and view pictures and videos from the beneficiary. You can see directly how your money has helped. Once a year we will also send you an annual report with detailed updates on each project. In addition we are happy to organise visits for you and your family to the various projects. That way you can meet the people you helped face to face and see how you have changed their lives.