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iPartner India in partnership with the LILY Foundation aims to raise critical funds for an “anti-child trafficking fund”. LILY Foundation works with partner organizations in India and the UK on the entire spectrum of activities from prevention, rescue and rehabilitation, education and livelihoods to advocacy, campaigning and legislation with the ultimate aim of ending trafficking of women and children.

Lily, after whom the Foundation is named, was only 4 when her prostitute mother sold her to a pimp. She was rescued shortly after from a Delhi brothel, but not long before she had been raped and probably forced to take part in a pornographic film. Being only 4, she was too young to understand what had happened to her. Lily is now 18 and poised to start her adult life after finishing school. The trauma, however, never disappeared. But hers is a story of a revolution and hope.While noisy revolutions are witnessed by the whole world, often it is the quiet ones like this hat can help change entire societies.

iPartner India and the LILY Foundation are committed to giving children, like Lily, a second chance in life.



How can YOU help?

YOU can partner with us & help girls like Lily have a better chance in life. Hundreds of children and young women, every day, are trafficked and forced into prostitution. They have no voice and absolutely no way out without our help. Any donation, however small or big, can make the crucial difference – sometimes even between life and death. We appeal to you to support us today to provide care and protection to these helpless children and women. We believe that even if one child is saved from the living hell she is in; it would be worth the effort. So, please join us on this journey to make children safe from the horrors of modern day slavery.


What can YOUR donations pay for?


Would be a valuable contribution to our Anti-Child Trafficking fund.   

All contributions will go a long way towards ending this heinous crime. Your donations will make a huge difference.


Would provide nutrition and medical care for one child for a month.Ref: iPI-LF01 

Rescued or at-risk children are always in need of nutritional support and medical care. With your donation, a child can receive daily meals, a full medical check-up and medical care for a month.


Would sponsor counseling and trauma healing sessions for a child for a whole year. Ref: iPI-LF02

When rescued, a child is often so traumatized that she needs extensive mental health care support. With your donation, a child can receive counseling and healing sessions for a year. She will get a chance to heal from the trauma she has had to face and will continue to face for a long time.


Would provide education and medical care for one child for a whole year. Ref: iPI-LF03 

Children of prostitutes are at a high risk of being forced into second generation prostitution and without education, they have no other choice. With your donation, a child will be able to attend school for a complete educational year and get the much needed health care and support.


Would guarantee a job and future livelihood for a rescued adolescent. Ref: iPI-LF04 

Often young rescued women are shunned by the society and they have no way of earning an alternative livelihood. With your donation, an adolescent girl can receive training for a job that can support her through the years – be it in baking, tailoring or even as cab drivers! 


Would help directly rescue a victim and provide her with emergency funds. Ref: iPI-LF05 

Rescuing children from brothels needs huge resources and manpower. Sometime, she might need emergency medical care or legal support. With you donation, a child or an adolescent can be rescued from prostitution and get this support. More importantly, she can get a second chance at life.


Sponsor a child for a whole year!! Ref:iPI-LF06

With you donation, a child will be have a safe place to stay, will be able to attend school, have counselling sessions and medical care for a whole year. She will also be able to have a place to heal from trauma, a safe haven and a means to build a new life for herself.  

*Please include the relevant reference along with your donation if you would like it to go towards a specific fund.


How can YOU donate?

PayPal: Use your debit or credit card by using the PayPal button below


(Please check our PayPal Donation Guide, for further information.)

Bank Transfer: Make a direct Bank Transfer to iPartner India.

Cheque: Send a cheque to our Postal Address.

Text: Donate upto £30 per day from your mobile! Text ipar01 plus amount to 70070. 

If you are a UK Tax payer, you can add almost 25% to your donation through Gift Aid. Please fill this form and send it to us either through email or with your cheque. If you are donating through PayPal or Text Giving, please follow their links and options!

Thank you for your time and interest. Please email us at info@ipartnerindia.org if you have any questions.