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At iPartner India we aim to provide you with the best possible service and assist you in constructing a tailor made "donation portfolio". This means that we will find the projects that are most suitable given your preferences and vision through a personalised process.

However we realise that you may prefer to do something good right away. Well, you won't have to wait! We offer a small selection of our projects for online donations, allowing you to help people in need with a few fast and easy clicks.

For this service we have teamed up with "THE BIG GIVE", a not for profit organisation that offers a free online donation service for charities. The advantage of using The Big Give is that they will claim back the tax on your donation under the UK Gift Aid programme, making sure that your money will go even further! So for every Pound that you donate, the beneficiary will receive an additional 14 Pence.(*) How great is that?

  • Click here to do something good NOW!
  • (*) Gift Aid is applicable to UK taxpayers only. Please note that iPartner India will deduct a 10% admin fee from your donation. If you are a UK taxpayer, your overall contribution will still be higher than your donation. For example: You donate £100. The Big Give will then reclaim £28 via Gift Aid on your behalf. While The Big Give does not charge a fee they pass on the charges from payment providers which amount to £4. We will charge a fee of £10. The money donated to the project on your behalf will then amount to £114. That is £14 more than you originally donated. We try to keep our admin fee as low as possible but we do need funds to sustain our operations.