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We owe our deepest gratitude to the people who provide the funds for all our partners on the ground. They are passionate individuals, families and organizations who share our vision of a better India.

"For a small business looking to help in India it was almost impossible to find a suitable project until we were introduced to Bina Rani and her team.  They provided us with a variety of options to consider and we decided that we would like to work with children who have been abandoned by their parents and who were being cared for by an amazing organisation based out of Delhi. iPartner has been extremely helpful, responsible and focused on our requirements which have given us great confidence in iPartner's abilities and the effectiveness of our donations". Rohin R Shah, Meghraj Properties

"Although I am of Indian origin, I have never actually lived there. As a child, I moved all over the world with my parents and lived in different countries. However, I feel greatly attached to my home country - the country in which my parents were born and raised. I have been visiting India regularly, every two years and sometimes more often. Most of the countries I have lived in (i.e. Australia, Singapore, Switzerland, UK, etc.) have been developed countries, and in terms of poverty and quality of life, India is very different. Every time I travel to India, I notice this contrast and I wonder what I can do to help my home country.

Luckily, I stumbled across iPartner India and it greatly appealed to me. The charity allows one to donate money to an individual child and essentially pay for the child's education throughout his/her schooling years. The child I will help is living in Bangalore and the money I send will allow the child to pay for education in a charity-sponsored school. I intend to continue supporting the child until he is able to complete school. This small effort on my part could help to improve this child's life considerably. Knowing that I can help make a child happier and give a child a better life is very rewarding to me.

I liked the fact that the money I was raising was going to be spent on education for a child in need. By giving a child an education, you are actually giving the child the ability to get the things he/she needs for life. An education gives a child a chance to rise up from the depths of poverty and achieve his/her dreams. I like the fact that I can see how the donated money is being spent and track the child's progress. I hope that, with the money I raise, I can make a child's life a whole lot better."
Neil Mathews, age 15

"As a private philanthropic trust with a mandate of changing India for the better, identifying the right projects to fund has been our main challenge so far. India is a large country with an abundance of grass roots organisations and picking the right partners has been the key to our success. Without iPartner's help we would have not been able to build our project portfolio and fund so many worthwhile initiatives. iPartner has provided invaluable advice and we consider ourselves lucky to work with an organisation so rich in experience and passion." Irina E. Cornides, CEO, The Kusuma Trust

"Working with iPartner India has helped us to find the right sort of projects and to monitor their progress. Without such expertise and guidance, we would not have any confidence that our funding is having any impact. iPartner India helps turn the desire to do something worthwhile into the confident act of actually doing something worthwhile." Simon Singh, The Pakhar Foundation

"I was delighted to offer the guests who attended my wedding last year the option of making a charitable donation to iPartner India. Being of Indian origin, it was particularly poignant to me, to be able to give back to such a worthwhile cause and have others benefit from our happy occasion" Anna Singh

"From the beginning iPartner has advised our family on being more effective philanthropists by matching our interests with credible organisations in India that provide high quality services. The organisation has a wide network of contacts who work tirelessly to help disadvantaged communities - this in turn helps with due diligence as they frequently updated on the projects they profile. Bina Rani has an eye for supporting and identifying those small organisation that would otherwise not be reached. Of particular merit is the work she does in capacity building for organisations we support." Clare Mathias